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Location! Location! Location! My three favorite words. Location is what it's all about. And we've got a good one. San Diego is a beautiful city with many attractions and great weather. Pacific Beach is a mostly residential neighborhood, with a strip of businesses mainly along the coast. The Mission Bay Motel is just a block from the beach, and you can find just about anything to do within an easy walk or short drive. Stores, shops, restaurants, and entertainment are all really close by.

But you want to know how to get here.

Well, I drew you a MAP, but I'm no Picasso, so I've also written up some directions that you can print and take with you.

Three major Interstate Highways feed into San Diego:

These are directions if you're coming in by Air or Train:

Location Marker

As an advisement, we do remind you that parking in the beach area is very limited. Our motel parking is limited to ONE CAR PER ROOM MAXIMUM, and we do NOT GUARANTEE PARKING. When visiting us on the weekend or in the summer, we urge you to carpool whenever possible or, if traveling alone, to use cabs, shuttles, and city buses.

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